Welcome to Blue Tarten Stables

We will never have to tell our horse that we are sad, happy, confident, angry or relaxed. He already knows-long before we do 
~ Marjike de Jong

Welcome to Equine Assisted Activity Therapy

Equine assisted activity therapy is typically a non-riding form of therapeutic activity, although riding is an option. Working with and around horses for purposes of healing,  you will be able to improve your self awareness, assertiveness, responsibility, emotional regulation and self-esteem as well as many other life skills.
Horses are herd animals with every member of the herd being important. Natural herd behaviour in horses manifests positive mental and physical health and while you are interacting and observing these animals, you have an opportunity to learn from not only them, but also from yourself.

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Meet our Team


Equine Specialist for 30 years and certified in EFMH/ES. Laura’s passion for horses and training in therapy are a perfect combination for you. 


Police Officer for close to 30 years with a background in education Jeff also knows the challenges of PTSD so he relates to your needs.

Sweet Tee

This lovely 10 year old mare is a symbol of uniqueness and individuality.


End Of Watch February 26th/22
Our senior girl crossed the rainbow bridge but is always in our hearts.

Big Red

If you’re looking for a large puppy dog to spend time wth then this 6 year old girl is the one for you.


This young lady is only 5 and has had her share of trauma and she has the biggest heart to share yours too.


This 6 year old girl is the leader of the pack and will lead you on the right path to loads of love.


Miss Haley is an absolute welcome to the team! She is happy to help anywhere needed and we are thrilled to welcome her on our volunteer team!!

Animals facilitate a connection to the natural world and in turn teach us how to connect with each other as well. 
We provide a safe place dedicated to help improve your mental and physical wellness through our horses. We offer therapeutic sessions for those living with mental heath struggles, addictions, depression or anyone who just feels they want to connect.
Why horses?
 Horses are non-judgemental, they have no preconceived expectations or motives and are highly effective at mirroring the emotions and behaviours of humans. 
Horses are sensitive, aware of their surroundings and are tellers of truth. Horses approach everything in honesty, they respect fair consequences and cannot lie or overthink a situation. They are non-verbal communicators, making them the best friends able to hold your secrets close to their heart and will never break your trust.
Learning to listen to what horses have to say is powerful and can sometimes be the catalyst to individual change. Every horse is different, just as we humans are and there is a horse here ready to love and listen to your heart. 

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